Bollards Access

Access to our river front and Creekside in a vehicle is controlled by calling a specific telephone number from a registered phone to open the central rising bollard in each location shown on the map below. No special app is required, you just phone a specific number for each bollard to open it. If you wish to park your car on the river front or Creekside, you will need to complete the form below to register your phone.

To give access to a visitor they should call or message you when they are at the bollards then you can open them using your registered phone to call the relevant number. You do not need to be in the proximity of the bollards.

By applying you agree to only allow access to residents and your genuine visitors. If access is given to anyone else your phone number will be barred from the system and you will no longer be able to open the bollards.

Regardless of where you park, you and your genuine visitors must display a valid parking permit. Otherwise you, or your visitor’s vehicle, will receive a parking charge notice. If you do not have a permit you can apply for residents here or visitors here.

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Bollards Access Request

Please enter the phone that you will call from and which bollards you require access to. Your phone will be registered with the bollards requested and you will be sent the unique numbers to call to open each of them.

Phone number to register:
Request access to bollards (see map):

1. Between Greenfell Mansions / Thistley Court
2. Between Greenfell Mansions / Corbidge Court
3. The Health Centre end of Corbidge Court